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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So, courtesy of The Mary Sue, comes news that the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be published at the end of July. This is good news for those of us who couldn't swing a trip to London to see it on stage, right?

I'm wondering how many Ravenclaws will have parties to do a table read of the script together. Are you planning one? Do you have a role you want to read? Tell us about it in the comments!

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A Brief Statement of Policy

Hello, fellow Ravenclaws!

Your prefects, blackpaladin and I, had a brief discussion on policy this morning, and made the following decision:

    Note from the moderation staff: fanfic is welcome in our House (we are a creative bunch!); however, please remember that many of our students are under the age of 18. Any adult-oriented material must be *clearly* labeled as such and be put behind an lj-cut tag. (If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, please consult the LJ FAQ.) Violation of this policy may be considered grounds for expulsion from the House.

As a further note, I want to make it clear that blackpaladin and I are this community's moderators because we're the ones who stepped up and volunteered. When Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was published, someone dropped some nasty spoilers in the community. I was upset by that, and contacted the person who established this community and offered to be a moderator. She responded by giving me the community, saying that she wasn't interested in LiveJournal anymore. Since that time, I've tried to act in the interest of the community to the best of my ability. But since we're not a very talkative bunch, much of the time, I can't be sure that I'm accomplishing that.

blackpaladin very kindly volunteered last year to assist me in moderation, and I've appreciated his help. He does an excellent job of helping me, especially since we instituted member screening a few months ago in an effort to stop SpamBots, some of whom were posting images inappropriate to our membership on the community.

I'd like to invite you to voice any concerns you may have about anything that blackpaladin and I are doing. You can comment on this entry, you can send me a private note, or make an entry of your own in the community. If you'd like to be part of the moderation staff, you're welcome to volunteer.
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(no subject)

Apparently, it's spam-bot season. In the last day or so, we, your faithful moderators, have turned away at least half a dozen new spam-bot requests to join the community. It is at this time that I'd like to tell prospective members again that we moderate because of spam-bots, not because we're elitist snobs. If we reject you but you're an actual human, send us a message and we'll add you.
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Ban hammer

Just to let the legitimate members of this community know:

In the past couple of weeks, there have been a couple of spam postings, one of them of a potentially offensive nature. In each case, I as moderator have taken the same action. To whit, I have deleted the entry, marked it as spam, and banned the user account who posted it.

At this time, I am reluctant to go to moderated entries only, because we're a low-volume community and I don't want to impede what does happen here on a legitimate basis. However, if we keep seeing spam, I will take that step.

Hugs and kisses,

your prefect.

(PS, if anyone wants to share moderation duties, drop me a note).

hogwarts castle

 a friend of mine got to tour and spend the day in vip treatment (how she got that i dont even know) in the hogwarts castle where harry potter was filmed.  she got to explore the castle and the pictures were just insane.  how sick would it be to do that? im jealous
Ravenclaw -- By briarrose_icons

Midnight release?

Has anyone here been to a midnight showing of one of the movies before? If so, what time did you get there to get in line? (I've never been to one, so I'm very unsure as to whether I should get there at, say, 10, or 4, or what, how early is too early or not early enough.)
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Just in case you were wondering

This community, though having very low activity, does still have an active moderator, and porn spam will be deleted.

Game spam is welcome. Art is welcome. Anything having to do with Harry Potter in general and Ravenclaws in particular is welcome.

Porn... well... not unless it's got Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, or Evanna Lynch in it, please.


Hi everyone! Hope I'm permitted to post this here... if not, I'll remove it and I'm sorry!

I've gotten into making HP-inspired hoodies like this one, first for family, and then through commission, and I was wondering if anyone here might be interested. (I've done the other 3 houses in addition to Ravenclaw, and a general Hogwarts one. Working on a Beauxbatons one currently.)
http://www.fictionfashion.net =)

KB hanging on -- by devils_sucubus

(no subject)

I need to pull together a Ravenclaw outfit, and I'm hoping someone can help -- where the heck can I find a tie in book colors? I can't seem to find a blue-and-bronze tie anywhere, on HP sites or regular clothing sites. (Bonus if I can get a patch there, too, while I'm at it -- I can't afford robes yet, but when I can scrape the money together, I'll need one.)